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About us

At Wildflowers Holistic Health and Wellness, our foremost commitment is to empower our community with the finest, pure, natural products. Our journey began with our founder, Chloe Moore, during her senior year of high school when chronic illness left her seeking answers. Frustrated by misdiagnoses and dismissals by doctors, she embraced intuitive healing and discovered the importance of addressing the root causes of illness, rather than relying on temporary fixes.

Chloe's dedication led her to the American College of Healthcare Science, where she embarked on a dual major in complementary alternative medicine, specializing in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Her passion lies in educating our community on the significance of incorporating natural, plant-based products and the transformative potential of plant medicine.

Join us on this holistic journey toward vibrant well-being.

Location: 7185 hwy-61 S Saint Francisville, LA 70775